The smarter solution for a safe return

Smart Buildings and the future of work in the post-COVID world

Making Workplaces Safer and Smarter

Axonize provides an end-to-end, smart workplace solution, specifically designed for the post COVID -19 world. Now companies can create a safe and flexible workplace, so their employees can securely go back to work, and remain focused and collaborative.

The Axonize solution provides all the functionality necessary to solve today’s relevant organizational challenges faster.

With Axonize, employees can rest assured that they’re safe in returning to their workplace, and employers benefit from compliancy, reduced expenses and overall employee well-being and security.


Do any of these goals sound familiar?

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Reducing & optimizing real-estate and operational expenses

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Monitoring employee presence; who, when and for how long

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Enhancing employees' workplace - environment, health and safety  


Our Solution

What is a Smart Building System
An end-to-end solution for your safe return

Our no-code, smart workplace solution is unlike any other on the market. We enable you to easily keep your office safe, without sacrificing a great experience for all employees and guests who walk through your doors.

Our disruptive technology fits all smart workplace use cases, from monitoring occupancy in meeting rooms, restrooms and offices to enforcing capacity limits and reserving desks day so that employees can feel safe in the workplace

Now companies can quickly boost their employee’s confidence level regarding coming into the office with features such as touchless experiences, contact tracing and temperature screening.

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Space utilization use case 

Buildings’ running costs represent a significant outlay for all businesses, so finding a way to run facilities as efficiently as possible is vital. By measuring the movement of people within a building, you can understand how the building is really utilized to plan your real- estate strategy budget more effectively.

For example, Axonize can connect to enterprise’s booking systems, and receive real time data from the sensors on how the space was used and its occupancy rates. By comparing this data, Axonize then provides analytics and business insights to enable companies to optimize their shared workspace and reduce costs.

With the partial space utilization that we’re seeing these days, companies can now reduce the number of floors or buildings, they use effectively.


COVID-19 tracker use case

Axonize provides a white-labeled, mobile application, named locator, that enables the tracking of peoples’ location, movement and proximity.

In this way, employers and employees can receive alerts when they are not keeping enough distance from one another. They can also receive alerts when there are too many people gathered in any defined space.

Additionally, the Axonize solution enables employers to report on which employees were in the vicinity of a COVID-19 carrier at any given time, and to send them notification to stay at home.

Instead of sending all the employees into isolation when a COVID-19 carrier has been identified, they can send home only those who were near the carrier.


Occupant well-being use case

Now more than ever, it is important to enhance the well- being, health and safety of employees in the workplace. With Axonize, you can continuously monitor  your office’s indoor air quality  including CO2, humidity, temperature, etc.

Research has found that high indoor air quality plays a large part in minimizing the spreading of the virus, and maximizing employee productivity. With Axonize you can automatically identify and respond to real-time environmental changes that are out of the preferred range.  With Axonize, employers can easily monitor employee body temperature as frequently as necessary. You are immediately notified if there is an increase in body temperature so  you can react accordingly.


The Benefits

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70%+savings on lighting and HVAC

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83% increase in worker satisfaction

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40% increase in space capacity

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22% decrease in energy or water consumption

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9X's less damage with predictive maintenance

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Customized solution to address all use cases

Why Axonize for Smarter and more secure workplaces? 

With Axonize, you benefit from a no-code, single platform that integrate with the tools your company already uses, from Slack, to Sales and marketing automation tools Salesforce, and any other.  Not only that, but your company will also benefit from the following: 

Dedicated customer support

Our customer teams are dedicated to making sure you’re set up for success.

Team onboarding

We’ll walk you through at every step of the way, from setup, to demos to on-site, and off-site workshops and training.

Constant Innovation

We are constantly adding new features and functionality so that you, and your organization always have the most practical and innovative solution for your workplace.

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