Monetizing Smart Buildings

Monetizing and Profiting from Smart Buildings

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Smart buildings claim to bring value and many benefits for occupants and facility operators. The question weighing on people’s mind however, is whether the investment in smart buildings is a profitable one?

Over 60% of  Asset Managers believe the investment in smart buildings is justified due to the fact that buildings will subsequently generate gains in efficiency and occupant experience. But there is much more to it than just that. Companies globally such as; Lancashire NHS Trust, Deloitte, Ledvance, ISS have all begun to profit from smart building investments. Hear their stories.

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    • Why bringing new services to tenants is a key part of the smart building vision
    • Innovative ways in which companies globally are now monetizing and profiting from smart building services
    • Profit opportunities based on asset types
    • Emerging trends that are increasingly becoming more relevant
    • Real life smart building case studies


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