from a single IoT project to recurring projects

How an SI went from a single IoT project to recurring, profitable projects in weeks

In this webinar

Featuring Megla’s IoT journey

Christian Nowak, Business Area Manager Industry 4.0 at Megla, one of the top service providers in Germany, recently joined us to discuss how they went from a single IoT project to profitable, recurring managed services in just weeks.

They shared their personal story, from the challenges they faced to how they addressed and solved their pain points throughout the process. They discussed their evaluation process and how they chose their IoT solution.

Watch this webinar, and gain valuable insights from Megla’s experience into how they successfully:

  • Brought new IoT value to their current and potential customers
  • Selected a platform to enable managed service and recurring projects in mere weeks
  • Implemented an effective device management system
  • Scaled their IoT business for continuous increased profitability
  • And more…

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