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Monetizing Smart Buildings
Smart buildings claim to bring value and many benefits for occupants and facility operators. The question weighing on people’s mind however, is wheth...

On Demand Webinar: A bird’s eye view into a leading global company’s IoT journey

Life is accelerating, and IoT is making everything smarter – our homes, our buildings, our workspaces, and our cities. Companies today, across the globe,…


Jumping on the Smart Building band wagon ahead of the pack

Is IoT ready to move from “what’ to ‘how’? – Is it moving from simply understanding what it means to actually being able to i…

Smart Building Webinar

OnDemand Webinar: T-Systems, Axonize & Azure dialogue on how Telcos are profiting more than ever with IoT

Business leaders are facing more uncertainty today than they have for decades. That is why Axonize, a no-code, smart enterprise platform that enables Telco…

Smart building survey results
White Paper

Our Smart Building Survey Results Are In

IoT spending is estimated to top $1.1 trillion in 2023, according to an IDC study, yet IoT adoption for individual businesses does not happen overnight.

In-Transit IoT Solution

Exploring Key Challenges & Benefits of an In-Transit IoT Solution

If you don’t digitize your in-transit operation in today’s fast paced world, your business may lose out to the competition. From industrial companies t…

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