The Axonize No-Code Platform

With the Axonize no-code, smart enterprise platform, connect an
unlimited number of devices, sensors and protocols. Benefit from
full-dashboard functionality, customizable rules, predictive maintenance,
digital twins, alerts and charts. Monitor and analyze data from multiple devices
and sources across all tenants and applications in one dashboard.

Rules Engines Capabilities

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  • rules_engine
    Rules Engines Capabilities
  • multi_tenancy
    Hierarchical Business Logic
    Hierarchical Business Logic
  • Sensor Configuration
    Easily Scaling Sensor Configuration
  • device_management
    Device Management & Visualization

How it works

Certified, and using some of the world’s strictest security
assessments, Axonize offers the cloud-based, no-code
platform of choice for building smart enterprises with
multi-tenant predictive maintenance, event monitoring,
rule triggering and single pane of glass visualization.

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Connect any device, system and protocol across any industry and unify your data with the Axonize multi-app platform, quickly and easily, without having to write a single line of code.
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Collect data from all devices, assets and platforms. Define and set rules across all data and projects with a custom dashboard. Add users, collaborate and share insights and alerts on the Axonize hierarchical, multi-tenant management.
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Visualize, analyze and optimize your data in real-time from multiple devices, sources, customers and applications. Identify trends and anomalies, make predictions and gain meaningful insights. Download and send custom reports to your peers.
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Start small and scale your projects with unprecedented speed across all verticals and sensors, on an unlimited number of devices, protocols and systems. Start seeing returns on smaller projects quickly and easily scale to larger ones.
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