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Viewing User Details

To view User details –

  1. In the left pane, click the Users icon button to display the user list.
  2. In the user list, click anywhere in a User row. The following window displays, showing the details for the selected User.

Add user window

This window contains two tabs – General and Audit.

The General tab (shown above) displays the following general information for the User –

    • Name – Specifies the name of the User.
    • Company – Specifies the company to which the User belongs.
    • Email – Specifies the email address of the User.
    • Mobile Number – Specifies the mobile phone number of the User.
    • Role Specifies the role of the User.

The Audit tab (shown below) displays the following information for the User. Each row represents a different User action.

Add user window - Audit tab

    • Date – Shows the date and time when the action was performed by the User.
    • Action – Shows the action performed by the User.