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The Settings view enables you to configure various settings in the Axonize Portal that affect its behavior.

settings window

Use this window to configure the following Axonize settings:

  • Main Settings – Configures various Application-related settings for the current Tenant in the window –

        Note ‒ An asterisk (*) indicates a mandatory field.

  • Application Name – The name of the Application.
  • Company – The company to which the Application belongs.
  • Time Format – The time format that displays in the Axonize Portal.

settings - time format

  • Default Country Code The default country code used when adding Users to the Application.

settings - default country code

Maps are the system default, in case Default View Mode is set to Diagram but no diagram was loaded to the Application/Groups/ Things the Map will be displayed

settings - map view

                                                                             Map View

Default View Mode – Indicates whether Things display by default in a map view or diagram view, as shown below:

settings - diagram view

                                                                       Diagram View

  • Tenant Brand Color Specifies the Tenant brand color as a light or dark theme.

settings - tenant color

  • Tenant Logo Specifies the Tenant logo that displays at the top left of the window, as well as in report emails.

settings - tenant logo

  • Application Logo Specifies the Application logo that displays at the top left of the window.

settings - appl logo

  • Preferred Language Specifies the language used in the Application.

settings - preferred language

  • Delete Application – Removes an Application from the Axonize platform.

settings - delete app

  • Delete Sub-tenant – Removes a Sub-tenant from the Axonize platform.

settings - delete sub-tenant