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Reports window

Axonize enables you to define reports that present various kinds of data collected by Axonize, such as Events, Devices, Products, Rules, Users and Applications.

Most of the buttons in the left pane enable you to define a filter that specifies which data is to be included in a report, such as the Devices icon and Alarms icon buttons.

The Reports icon button displays each of these filters as a row, and enables you to generate a report from it. When you generate a report (as described below), it shows the latest data according to the defined filter.

Reports can be:

  • Displayed in a widget in a Dashboard as a chart or as a list.
  • Shared by email with other Axonize users who subscribe to it in your organization. These users automatically receive periodic reports by email.
  • Exported as an image or *.CSV file.

Each report contains information about a specific entity (such as Events, Devices and so on) and can comprise one or more filters that you define.

Axonize also provides a suite of custom reports that are only available to users of a master application. For more details, see Custom Reports.