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Adding a Real Device

In order to add a Real Device:

  1. In the left pane of the Axonize Portal, click the Devices icon button. The following window displays:

Devices window

This window lists the Devices currently defined in the system.

  1. Click the Add Device button button. The following window displays:

Add Device window

  1. Fill in the following fields:

Note ‒ An asterisk (*) indicates a mandatory field.

    • Product Manufacturer – A free-text field specifying the name of the manufacturer.
    • Product Type – The Product type assigned to the Device. All Devices with a given Product type have the same properties. For example, all the properties of the same type of heat sensor model.
    • Device Name A free-text field specifying the name of the Device.
    • Serial Number – The serial number assigned to the Device by the customer.
    • Group The name of the Group to which the Device belongs.
    • Parent Device – This will place the device under the parent device in the hierarchy, this is usually used to describe a gateway/sensor relationship, when the parent device is the gateway.
  1. Click Done. The Device is then added to the Device list.