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POST /odata/Reports/[id]/generateReportFile


Returns a specified report (according to the report id in the request) in the specified file format, such as PDF. The ID of a report is returned in the response to the Reports/Post and Reports/Get endpoints.

See the following for request and response details ‒

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Request ‒ Reports/[id]/generateReportFile

Property Type Description Mandatory
id String This is the unique identifier automatically assigned by Axonize when a Report is created. This id is returned in the response of Reports/Post. Y
type String The format of the report to be returned. The default is pdf. CSV and XLSX (Excel) are also supported. Y

Example JSON Reports/[id]/generateReportFile Request\

-H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ \

-H ‘Authorization: Token’ \

-H ‘appId: be517433-c4b8-4748-9258-1b1234567890’ \

-d ‘{“type”: “pdf”}’

Response ‒ Reports/[id]/generateReportFile

All the same properties in the request are returned in the response.

Example JSON Reports/[id]/generateReportFile Response

Status 200 – OK