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POST /odata/Reports/generateUnsavedReportFile


Exports a report file without saving it in the Axonize database. This endpoint returns a Report object as a file, as defined in the request, in the specified file format, such as PDF.

See the following for request and response details ‒

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Request ‒ Reports/generateUnsavedReportFile

The same Report object as defined when creating a report in Reports/Post.

Example JSON Reports/generateUnsavedReportFile Request /\

-H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ \

-H ‘Authorization: Token’ \

-H ‘appId: be517433-c4b8-4748-9258-1b1234567890’ \

-d ‘ {“type”:”pdf”,”report”:{“columns”:[“id”,”lastEvent”,”name”],”entity”:”devices”,”query”:”?%24filter=contains(tolower(name)%2C’raspberry’)”,”name”:”devices – report”,”filters”:”[{\”initialOpen\”:true,\”filter\”:\”name\”,\”msgKeyLabel\”:\”msg_name\”,\”msgKeyDisplayName\”:\”msg_by_device_name\”,\”type\”:\”String\”,\”operator\”:\”contains\”,\”filterValue\”:\”Raspberry\”}]”}}’

Response ‒ Reports/generateUnsavedReportFile

All the same properties in the request are returned in the response.

Example JSON Reports/generateUnsavedReportFile Response

Status 200 – OK