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To create a new Feature Set.

See the following for request and response details ‒

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Request ‒ featureSet/Post

Property Type Description Mandatory
name String The name of this Feature Set.
displayName String The display name of this Feature Set.
type Numeric Defines the type of feature – (0 for UI feature, 1 for Backend, 2 for Shared).
isAllowed Boolean Enables or disables the specific feature on the Application.
locked Boolean When true, the user cannot update the feature or change its properties.


Example JSON featureSet/Post Request

curl -X POST \ \

  -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ \

  -H ‘appId: 289a7624-c590-4b4c-b15a-7801d8902ce9’ \

  -H ‘cache-control: no-cache’ \

  -d ‘{

    “name”: “GuyFeature5”,

    “features”: [


            “name”: “Feature name”,

            “displayName”: ” Feature name “,

            “type”: 2,

            “isAllowed”: true,

            “locked”: false



Response ‒ featureSet/Post

All the same properties in the request are returned in the response. In addition, the response that is returned also contains the following properties –

Property Type Description
featureSetId String This is the unique identifier automatically assigned by Axonize when a Feature Set is created. This ID is returned in the response of the featureSet/Post.
appId String The appId of the Master Application.
createDate, createUser, updateDate,
See Common Response Properties.


Example JSON featureSet/Post Response

Status 201 – Created


    “name”: “GuyFeature5”,

    “features”: [


            “Id”: null,

            “Name”: “Feature name”,

            “DisplayName”: ” Feature name “,

            “Type”: 2,

            “IsAllowed”: true,

            “Locked”: false



    “id”: “5cc079074cd9540001193b69”,

    “appId”: “289a7624-c590-4b4c-b15a-7801d8902ce9”,

    “deleted”: false,

    “createDate”: “2019-04-24T14:56:07.5670471Z”,

    “createUser”: null,

    “updateUser”: null,

    “deleteDate”: “0001-01-01T00:00:00”