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GET /api/featureSet/[appId]


Gets the details of a specific Feature Set, as specified by the appId.

See the following for request and response details ‒

See Also

Request ‒ featureSet/[appId]/Get

Property Type Description Mandatory
appId String The appId of the Master Application.


Example JSON featureSet/[appId]/Get Request

curl -X GET \ \

-H ‘Accept: application/json, text/plain, */*’ \

-H ‘appId: f51df5bf-8d3c-4ba5-9574-3f3b8d6a26bd’ \

-H ‘cache-control: no-cache’ \

Response ‒ featureSet/[appId]/Get

For the requested Feature Set, the response provides the properties in featureSet/Post.

Example JSON featureSet/[appId]/Get Response

Status 200 – OK


“name”: “Franchisees”,

“features”: [


“Id”: null,

“Name”: ” Feature”,

“DisplayName”: ” Feature”,

“Type”: 0,

“IsAllowed”: false,

“Locked”: false



“Id”: null,

“Name”: “Feature 2”,

“DisplayName”: ” Feature 2″,

“Type”: 0,

“IsAllowed”: false,

“Locked”: false



“id”: “5cadfabc478021fce867f85d”,

“appId”: “ab7d3f48-1469-494f-b0e1-4437ff031ca1”,

“deleted”: false,

“createDate”: “2019-04-10T14:16:28.308Z”,

“createUser”: null,

“updateDate”: “2019-04-10T14:16:28.308Z”,

“updateUser”: null,

“deleteDate”: “2019-04-10T14:16:28.308Z”