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Defining a Tenant Manifest

A Tenant Manifest defines all the settings for a Tenant and its Sub-tenants. Tenant Manifests are templates that simplify the creation of Tenants. All the Tenants assigned to a given Tenant Manifest inherit the settings, default values and so on defined in that Tenant Manifest.

Axonize provides a default Tenant Manifest. If a specific Tenant Manifest is not assigned to a Tenant, that Tenant automatically uses the settings in the default Tenant Manifest.

An instance can override the template for a specific setting. For example, if the Tenant has a Red color setting and the tenant template has a Blue color setting, then the Tenant overrides the template, and the color setting will be Red.

After a Tenant Manifest is created via the Axonize API, you can assign it to a specific Tenant Manifest (template). For more details, see tenantTemplates.