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Defining a Device Event Manifest

The Device Event Manifest defines the types of events that a Device will send to the Axonize Server –

  • For each Real Device, this manifest must be placed on the Device in the Axonize Device SDK.
  • For each Virtual Device, this manifest must be placed in its proper location.

Axonize provides a predefined syntax (described below) and a list of the types of events that can be sent to the Axonize Server, such as 7 for temperature, 8 for humidity, 9 for acceleration, 1001 for pressure and so on.

Instantaneous Events

Instantaneous events are those that occur instantly. They are not telemetric or state events. Pressing a button is an example of an instantaneous event. Each press of the button represents a new instantaneous event.

Rules that contain an instantaneous event are retriggered each time that the instantaneous event occurs. This same behavior does not apply for telemetric events or state events (events that have a state, such as connected/disconnected). For example, a state event is triggered until there is a restore event. Similarly, for a telemetric event (such as for a temperature reading that exceeds a threshold), the Rule is triggered only once, when the temperature is exceeded.

Setting a condition as an instantaneous condition means that the condition is set on an instantaneous event.

For more details about Rules containing an instantaneous event, see Instantaneous Rules, Conditions and Events.

Note ‒ Use the event manifest code 993 to designate an instantaneous event.