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Charts Endpoints

Chart endpoints return a series of data points from Axonize according to a query. The data points that are returned by Axonize are aggregated according to the properties in the request.

This data can be rendered in your user interface in a graphical manner, such as a bar chart or pie chart. Axonize also returns a variety of information to help you graphically render this data in a chart.

The information provided by Axonize can be used with a charting component of your choice. For example, Highcharts, which is a charting library written in pure JavaScript. This endpoint can also be used to get raw/aggregated data for computational use. This case ignores any display information and just uses the data.

Settings for this call are either set at the Chart level, meaning that they affect all series, or are set per series.

*Note ‒ There is no Chart entity. This is an ad hoc aggregation call.

*Note ‒ The data retrieved by these endpoints is the same data that can appear in an Axonize Report that is defined in the Axonize Portal.

Axonize provides the following endpoints for handling Charts: