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Axonize Device SDK Reference

The Axonize Device SDK is installed on each Real Device.

The Axonize Device SDK has only two endpoints, as follows:


This endpoint sends the events described in the Device’s event manifest to the Axonize Server. This endpoint automatically starts sending when the Axonize Device SDK is activated.

If needed, you can use this endpoint for your own purposes in order to send additional information to the Axonize Server.


This endpoint listens for incoming endpoints sent by the Axonize REST API using the sendCommand endpoint.

In the message value sent to the Device by this endpoint, you can enter any free text. This free text should act as a trigger to the Device, so that the Device activates an operation, such as to open a lock, turn on a light and so on.

The developer must program the Device to use this message value in order to activate the relevant operation when the relevant free text is received.


Devices that use the Axonize Device SDK to send events insert a timestamp into each event (dateTime). These timestamps should include the timezone of the device.

Hypothetically, a Device can insert any date into an event, not necessarily the time the event actually occurred.

In addition, the Axonize Server records the time each event was received by the server (lastReadingTime).