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Audits/Patch or Audits/Put

PUT /odata/Audits/[id]

– OR –

PATCH /odata/Audits/[id]


To allow you to update an existing Axonize Audit.

See the following for request and response details:

See Also

Request ‒ Audits/Patch or Put

In the request, specify the ID of the Audit whose definition to change and the name of the property(s) to change. These properties are described in Audits/Post.

For the Patch endpoint, all unspecified fields remain unchanged.

For the Put endpoint, all unspecified fields are assigned default values.

Property Type Description Mandatory
id String This is the unique identifier automatically assigned by Axonize when an Audit is created. This ID is returned in the response of the Audits/Post. Y
entityName String The name of the entity (such as the Device or User) on which the action (such as create or delete) was performed. Y (Only for Put)

Example JSON Audits/Patch Request

The following is an example of changing an entity’s entityName to test.

curl -X PATCH \ \

-H ‘Authorization: Token’ \

-H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ \

-H ‘appId: 801A048A-9F23-429F-BF0D-B6D35B22771E’ \

-d ‘{



Response ‒ Audits/Patch or Put

Property Type Description
createDate, createUser, updateDate, updateUser See Common Response Properties.

Example JSON Audits/Patch/Put Response

Status 204 – No Content – The server has successfully fulfilled the request.