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GET /odata/Applications/[applicationId]/GetAppSecret


Axonize provides a default ready-made Application that you can use as a basis for customizing your own Applications.

After you contact Axonize, you will receive the Client ID and Client Secret credentials to be included in the requests sent to the Axonize REST API from the main Application.

After you create a new application using Application/Post, you can use the original Client ID and Client Secret credentials (described above) in the Applications/GetAppSecret endpoint to get the additional Client ID and Client Secret credentials for the newly created Application.

Note ‒ The Client ID is the appId and the AppSecret is the Client Secret. You may refer to page 188 for more information.

See the following for request and response details:

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Request ‒ Applications/GetAppSecret

Property Type Description Mandatory
appId String The identifier of the new application for which you want to get new Client ID and Client Secret credentials. This appId was returned in the response to the Applications/Post endpoint. Y

Example JSON Applications/GetAppSecret Request

curl -X GET \ \

-H ‘Authorization: Token’ \

-H ‘appId: 801A048A-9F23-429F-BF0D-B6D35B22771E’

Response ‒ Applications/GetAppSecret

All the same properties in the request are returned in the response. In addition, the response that is returned also contains the following properties:

Property Type Description
value String The App secret.

Example JSON Applications/GetAppSecret Response

200 OK


“value”: “7b031234-233a-48fe-4444-8563dd9f1234”