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Adding Device Properties or Settings

You can add the value of a property or setting of the Device that triggered the Rule. This option can be used for any Device property of the Devices/Post endpoint.

To do so, add {device.[property name/setting name]}, where property name/setting name represents the actual name of the property or setting on the device. This must be the actual name of the property/setting, and not the display name, which may be different.

For example, “Error occurred at {date.time} on refrigerator model {device.model}”.

Let’s look at another example in more detail. Let’s say that you define the additional Properties/name property with the name = color, and that this property has the values yellow and blue. In addition, you define a Rule to display a message to indicate when a yellow or blue reading is received from a Device. In this case, you would use the {device.color} property, which means that the message will contain the word yellow or blue based on the value of the reading from the Device.