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Leading Israeli Service Provider, Bezeq, Delivers Digital Business Services

If you have thousands of business customers in a wide array of industries that are interested in digitizing many aspects of their business – how do you create an IoT digital business offering? That’s the challenge faced by Bezeq, Israel’s leading service provider.

The Challenge:

Bezeq needed a platform that could handle any requirement, in any industry, and help them build an IoT app in days. It needed to scale its business and demonstrate a positive ROI, both to customers and to its own business.

The Process:

Bezeq selected Axonize to power their digital business services.

The new service offering is geared toward small businesses, as well as larger enterprises. The business drivers for digitizing the business are similar regardless of the business size, according to Bezeq. Customers are interested in monitoring and control, followed by cost reductions through operational efficiency, as well as improving and expanding business offerings.

Developing a connected IoT offering for businesses of all sizes and industries is extremely challenging. Bezeq spoke with a sample of its customers – retail to hotels to pharma – and uncovered challenges faced by these customers, such as energy management, cold chain monitoring, and asset tracking.

Bezeq needed to respond quickly to thousands of potential customers, including small businesses, and scale. They couldn’t afford to spend months on each project, which is the typical development time with other IoT platforms.

Axonize offered exactly what Bezeq needed. Axonize’s platform is built for service providers and system integrators who need to scale to many customers, yet require a very short build time to do so. Bezeq needed a partner to build and deliver their digital enterprise offering quickly and profitability.

Axonize has a unique architecture based on a pre-built, highly flexible application layer. Instead of developing an entire application for every customer, Bezeq can customize the pre-built application to the specific customer’s needs. This reduces build time for a digital business to a handful of days, rather than months, allowing Bezeq to offer its customers a much higher ROI on IoT projects.

Another Axonize advantage for Bezeq is its “no limits” flexibility. Bezeq was able to choose any sensor for its customers, matching devices precisely to business needs and maximizing customer profitability. Its able to implement any business rules and alerts on any data point without custom development. In addition, it can build projects in phases, starting small and growing over time.

Dozens of digital business projects were planned at the time of the announcement. Bezeq is expecting to roll out solutions for many of its customers and secure its stance as a leader in the digital enterprise market.

The Bottom Line:

  • As a service provider, Bezeq is growing revenue per customer by expanding into the digital business.
  • The new services are targeted at customers of all types and sizes addressing a wide range of challenges.
  • Its goal is to make cutting edge IoT technology affordable even for small businesses, not just large enterprises.
  • Axonize was selected for:
    • The speed in which Bezeq could roll out digital business applications.
    • The flexibility to provide any solution integrating any sensor in any protocol.
    • The unified platform used for all the customers and all types of applications (multi-multi-tenant).
    • The ability to gain cross-customer management, analytics, and take action on data.
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