Smart Data Centers

Service Provider

Top Ecuadorian Service Provider rolls out Smart Data Center projects with ease

The Company

One of Ecuador’s leading service providers runs several large data centers in the country, as well as countless base stations. When the need arose to improve monitoring of their data center infrastructure, they turned to their system integration division.

The Project

The first project phase involved two distinctly separate requirements: more accurate temperature monitoring in the data centers, and monitoring the battery health of the backup generators to ensure their availability during blackouts.

The system integrator realized from the start, that while monitoring each of those sensors separately would be simple, the resulting solution would be cumbersome for the data center managers. Moreover, the system integrator would be hard pressed to manage the solution and support it, especially once it was rolled out to more than one data center.

Additionally, they were concerned about future data center infrastructure management projects, or even base station infrastructure monitoring, and how those would be supported by their current technology selection.

Why they selected Axonize

After evaluating several IoT platforms, the integrator chose the Axonize IoT platform to develop their project. Axonize offered the flexibility of integrating both sensor types in a single dashboard, along with multi-tenant hierarchies so they could configure dashboards and alerts per data center. Due to the fact that Axonize enables them to connect any sensor or system, they are able to grow the data center infrastructure monitoring in the future, and even add base station infrastructure easily. Additionally, Axonize offered the advantage of configurability, which allowed them to develop the project at a lower cost and much faster.

The outcome

Within days of installing the temperature monitoring throughout the first data center, they discovered
that the actual temperature near the server racks was cooler than the A/C unit’s measurement. This allowed them to immediately reduce the A/C’s output and save on electricity cost, providing an immediate ROI for the initial phase.

Plans to monitor additional data center infrastructure components are underway, and the system integrator is especially pleased with their ability to easily add project components while maintaining a single management view of all data centers.