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How Smart Energy Connect has enhanced their smart office solution offering

Executive Summary

Smart Energy Connect is a digital platform for sustainability innovation under the canvas of CLP Holdings, one of the largest investor-owned power companies in the Asia Pacific Region. Smart Energy Connect’s goal is to help businesses and organizations to optimize resources and facilitate their low-carbon journey by offering a range of digital energy management solutions.

The Challenges

Smart Energy Connect was looking to enhance their smart office solution offering to their customers and prospect base. They wanted to offer a modular dashboard in their platform to provide insights on energy consumption data for different use cases. An intuitive layout plan was also required to show all sensors’ status and location for tracking purposes.

Working together to enhance offerings

According to Smart Energy Connect, they have received positive feedback regarding their smart office solution from their customers who are currently using the platform powered by Axonize. Kevin Yuen, Product Manager, Digital Products, CLP Innovation explained, “Axonize has a comprehensive platform, and the support responds quickly. Axonize has put us in a position in which we can easily reach out to customers and further penetrate these markets. As of today, we have integrated over 20 types of sensors into the platform.”

Smart Energy Connect currently provides a range of sensors including occupancy, day light, energy monitoring sensors, sub-metering, door, temperature and humidity, air quality (Co2), control modules (air purifiers) etc. They are looking forward to working with Axonize on further enhancements by integrating their room booking system into the platform as well in the near future.

The process before the decision

Smart Energy Connect looked at other IoT platforms in the market to enable them to make these enhancements to their solution and respond to the needs of their customers. They narrowed the number of platforms that appeared to be a good fit to three. Among the choices, Axonize provided the most comprehensive offerings, and they immediately saw the added value of the Axonize solution.

What attracted them most to Axonize was the fact that Axonize is a no-code platform requiring minimal manpower and effort, as well as minimal resources. The continuous and frequent updates, new features and widgets that Axonize develops were also a huge benefit to Smart Energy Connect. Additionally, the cost vs benefit ratio of implementing Axonize vs the other IoT platforms that they researched was a huge deciding factor.

Kevin went on to mention that “Axonize provides a core dashboard that allows complete customization – a huge benefit for us.”

In the long term, Smart Energy Connect is looking to further develop additional widgets and customized features based on feedback from their customers. The next use case focus for Smart Energy Connect will be on “smart washrooms.” This includes connecting sensors such as soap dispensers, bins, odor sensors, water sensors, etc.


Smart Energy Connect’s customers that are currently using its smart office solution powered by Axonize are seeing significant savings in energy costs. Smart Energy Connect’s customers can automate energy usage across spaces, monitor and optimize energy usage based on automation and pre-defined conditions. Kevin is impressed with Axonize’s fast reaction time, platform features, quality, comprehensiveness, and quick and thorough customer support. “Axonize consists of everything that we wanted and needed for IoT and more.”  –  Kevin Yuen, Product Manager, Digital Products, CLP Innovation

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