Smart Building

How ISS is Revolutionizing Facility Management Services with Axonize


Engaging, inspiring, and innovating user experiences across all customer sites with out-of-the-box IoT business services
Executive Summary

ISS, a leading global provider of facility management services based in Germany, seeks to increase its growth, asset optimization, market differentiation, service efficiency, and user experience by implementing innovative, IoT solutions to its provided services. ISS is utilizing new innovations and technologies with Axonize’s IoT platform.

The Company

ISS offers various services on an international scale with leveraged knowledge and experience. With more than 530,000 employees and local operations managing 35,000 buildings in 80 countries worldwide, ISS provides solutions that address the specific needs of customers, providing them with extensive added value.

The Challenges

ISS Group’s customers’ demands, expectations, and behaviors are constantly changing. It must enable innovative, reliable, and best-practice services across all customer sites.

ISS needed out-of-the-box, IoT functions, including monitoring an individual’s activity in rooms, usage of work desks, opening and closing of doors and windows, and the measurement of comfort parameters, including humidity, temperature, CO2-concentration, volume, and luminosity to transform its facilities into smart buildings.

ISS Group was looking for new IoT business services with the intention of saving money and reducing operational costs, as well as engaging, inspiring, and improving the overall user experience, people’s behavior, and sites.

ISS’s IoT challenges revolved around three IoT strategy pillars:
  1. Concept and solutions – They need to provide an IoT concept and solution that customers are asking for that meets their needs on a global scale.
  2. Enterprises – ISS wants to leverage the volume of their global scale, simply and efficiently. They require capturing a substantial amount of data on an enterprise platform.
  3. Excellence – Choosing the right IoT platform needs to lead to operational excellence, global steering, and structuring to meet the demands of their customers.
The Solution

The Axonize IoT platform was the out-of-the-box solution ISS was looking for to revolutionize its 35,000 managed buildings into smart buildings. Axonize provided the opportunity to manage, analyze, and store data in one, centralized location. It gave them the ability to present reports to users on a customized dashboard, reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, and increase ROI in the long run.

An IoT solution was built for both short term and long term plans:
  • Short Term: ISS Group began focusing on a short term plan, which included building up their customers’ confidence and trust in new technologies. This involved little trials and tests, focusing on strong value cases. ISS began measuring and optimizing labor, internal costs, and workplace experience to improve customer experience. Proving the technology and value that IoT technology brings, led to the long term plan of rolling out IoT solutions to customers.
  • Long Term: Long term goals rely heavily on data and Axonize’s IoT platform. Analyzing data across thousands of customers from thousands of sites around the world is ISS’s main target. It needs to make sure they provide a strong foundation of data and quality standards to capture data globally and report it to customers. The Axonize IoT platform was designed to accomplish these needs.
The Benefits

ISS has already been able to capture strong evidence of the benefits of Axonize’s IoT platform.

In their Norwegian offices, cleaning optimizations have cut down the daily cleaning schedule from 15 scheduled cleanings to just 4 cleanings, which is a huge reduction. Using sensors with alarms based on usage, Axonize empowers their cleaners to clean where and when they see fit, leading to a reduction in labor and an increase in customer satisfaction.

The platform’s data brings customer satisfaction to life, prompting customers to ask for more services that utilize the data. The benefits of customized experiences, cost reduction and higher productivity are shining through the data.

The IoT platform also:
  • Improves the way sites are managed, the user experience, and meets the needs of customers with a customized dashboard.
  • Provides a deeper understanding of people’s behavior through reports and analytics.
  • Predicts certain building maintenance areas using charts and widgets.
  • Provides a shared IoT platform that the ISS Group can deploy as a service to selected countries while offering IoT services to identified customers and commercial bids.
  • Helps consolidate or decommission existing shadow IoT services into the new shared IoT platform.
  • Provides a framework within the shared platform that governs how IoT and digital solutions are delivered across ISS Global.
  • Allows for cloud-to-cloud integration.
  • Supports an extensive number of sensors and gateways.
Why Axonize?

“Axonize’s IoT platform offers all the functionality to govern and safely secure our devices in order to provide outcome-driven solutions for our customers,” said Sam Lavers, IoT Lead in Global Operations, ISS.

Axonize’s IoT platform was chosen to partner with ISS for many reasons, including its partnership with Microsoft Azure. Azure’s cloud-based layer provides easy-to-use, flexible, platform openness, which is highly scalable and business-focused for an IoT solution.

Data access and transparency was vital for ISS. How data was presented to users was a crucial element for ISS. With multitudes of partners contributing to the platform, the multi-tenant hierarchy, which allows accessing all customer devices from one place while keeping data segregation between the customers, was important. The master application dashboard can hold all ISS devices deployed in various customer locations, while widgets aggregate data from several devices or present raw data.

Axonize’s device management layer was also a major factor in selecting the IoT platform. The ability to manage and report devices through managed services was important to ISS.

Speed was also a contributing element in ISS’s IoT platform choice. It needed to be up and running quickly to govern devices. After realizing how long it would take to create an in-house IoT solution, ISS knew in-house was not possible. They didn’t want to spend thousands of hours attempting to build something when what they needed was already available. After conducting research and playing with sensors, ISS knew it needed an IoT platform to support their level of governance with a short implementation time.

In addition, automated alerts and notifications were integral additions of the IoT platform. As part of the interactive configuration rules, the platform supports the configuration of actions which are performed as soon as a condition on the incoming stream of sensor data becomes true.

The Axonize platform supports a wide range of out-of-the-box LoRaWAN sensors covering motion, temperature, humidity, luminosity, sound, CO2, presence, and door/window opening and closure, as well as allowing for new sensors to be added with configuration. ISS needed to track these conditions to effectively transform their facilities into smart buildings.

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