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How Groupe Tera Uses IoT to Measure Air Quality

Groupe Tera

Cleaning up Our World by Providing an Innovative Solution for Improving Air Quality, Worldwide
Executive Summary

Groupe Tera, an air quality sensor manufacturer in France, aims to innovate the way it provides solutions to their clients by delivering high-quality products while branching out to a worldwide clientele, retaining re-incurring ROI and maintaining happy clients.

About the Customer

Groupe Tera is a French, innovative, solution-based company, with an OEM solution that integrates the measurement of air pollutants and the monitoring of air quality. With over 15 years of expertise and innovation, they are an integral player in the environment, technology, and health industries.

Their business lines range from the design of air quality sensors to the laboratory analysis of pollutants in ambient air and industrial waste, and their mission is to transfer knowledge from basic scientific research to everyday applications and services aimed at improving performance, health or well-being.

The Challenges

Groupe Tera wanted to actualize a new approach to selling their customers a solution by providing them information in real-time, using cutting-edge, problem-solving methods.

Their clients are air quality experts who are accustomed to working with sensors, but not handling the gathering of air quality information. The air quality experts’ job is to solve the problems caused by air quality, and it is essential for Groupe Tera to provide them with those solutions. They needed to identify and measure the problem by creating a link between what was currently being executed and the consequences of these actions, offering up a solution by virtue of an IoT platform.

Two main challenges Groupe Tera faced:
  • Short-term challenges: To ensure that the sensors/platform are working properly and to use the full potential of the IoT platform, in regards to their air quality issues.
  • Long term challenges: To create a satisfied, long-term relationship with their clients, using a digital application and through the cloud, while maintaining re-incurring revenue.
The Solution

Groupe Tera partnered with Axonize to provide solutions for both short-term and long-term challenges. They began connecting and adding different sensors to the multi-sensor platform to serve their client’s final expectations. The collaboration of their customized, patented sensors with the Axonize platform allowed them to collect, analyze, and integrate all data from various types of sensors.

Before connecting to the IoT platform, Groupe Tera did not have enough information to create a real IoT strategy. With Axonize’s IoT platform in place, they can now approach their business logic with a proactive strategy – branching out to a new, worldwide market, meeting new challenges, and gaining new customers.

Ultimately, the final goal is to deliver high-quality products and maintain happy clients. By employing Axonize’s IoT technology, they can begin working as a new company with new technology, providing solutions their competition cannot keep up with.

Why Axonize?

Groupe Tera was looking for a platform that “understood the need to work together to satisfy the final expectations of their customers,” said David Riallant, Business Developer, Groupe Tera.

They required an IoT platform that met all their technical needs, such as user interface, up-to-date technology, scalable, quick development time and one that also included an economic model.

“It is not our job to develop IoT platforms. It’s our job to make high-quality sensors, leading to happy clients. And we need this platform to help create our high-quality products and happy clients,” Riallant said.

After some IoT platform googling and evaluating a multitude of platforms, Axonize was selected to partner with Groupe Tera to start running with their new technology.

“I liked what I saw from Axonize from the beginning. The user interface was up-to-date, which tells you a lot about what’s behind it,” said Riallant.

After enabling the Axonize IoT platform, Groupe Tera gained important results, quickly. They began by connecting their first sensors to the platform and will soon start to implement Axonize directly into their new technologies and infrastructure.

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