The Post COVID-19 Workplace

One of the most noticeable shifts in society due to the COVID-19 pandemic has occurred in the professional realm. Although many corporations have shifted to either full-time or part-time remote work, many have started to consider returning to the office environment.

The main question that arises with this consideration is: how can the workplace become coronavirus friendly? One of the main resources companies will be able to utilize is ever-changing and evolving IoT coupled with smart technology.

The need for IoT in the post-COVID office space

With over 10 million posts on Instagram, #socialdistancing has become the topic of discussion of people of all ages in all stages of life. One of the main concerns that arises when coming back to the office is how proper social distancing will be maintained in all of the spaces within the office.

Although tracking social distancing may be of up-most importance to many companies, the use of smart technology can track many more features that will be essential moving forward. The use of a smart enterprise IoT platform can track: the flow of people into each room, how much HVAC consumption is being used, and which specific people have come into contact with a COVID-19 carrier, in order to take action.

In addition, shared surfaces have become a point of concern during the pandemic. The need to minimize contact with shared surfaces is now in the forefront of many people’s minds. By utilizing smart technologies with applications, people are able to control essential devices such as HVAC, and set rules to help optimize consumption, resulting in reduced energy costs and enhanced well-being.



The Sustainable Advantage of Utilizing IoT in the Office


Other than the advantages of tracking COVID cases and social distancing more accurately, there is a great advantage to using IoT to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the office space.


By utilizing smart technology, programs can track the usage of devices such as HVAC, lighting, and alarms. In doing so, companies are now able to see how they can save on power and optimize based on which and how much space is utilized each day.


Because many offices are now dividing their employees into groups where group A comes in on Monday-Wednesday and group B the rest of the week. Through implementing these IoT platforms, companies know which portion of the office to use the electricity for group A and group B thus saving money and resources on electricity.


The Impact


With the increasing capabilities of smart technology and IoT, returning to the workplace in a post COVID-19 setting could become easier and more attainable. These types of technologies make it simpler to be both responsible in the corporate and social sense.

Using IoT can help people work not only more efficiently, but smarter and more sustainably.

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