Announcing Verdantix report ‘Planon accelerates its Smart Building IoT strategy with Axonize’

Verdantix research report states: ‘With the combined Planon-Axonize offering existing customers and other facilities services firms will benefit from enhanced IoT building connectivity. With this recent acquisition, Planon’s expanded Technology Portfolio will fully support customers on their IoT journey.’

Nijmegen, the Netherlands, 13 September 2021 – Planon is pleased to announce the recent publication of the Verdantix report entitled ‘Planon Accelerates its Smart Building IoT Strategy by Acquiring Axonize.’

On June 7, 2021, Planon announced its acquisition of Axonize, a no-code and highly scalable Internet of Things (IoT) platform. To learn more about the acquisition and implications for customers, Verdantix interviewed the Planon leadership team. Based on their analysis, Verdantix discovered that Axonize will provide Planon’s customers with enhanced IoT connectivity for buildings, by bringing greater scalability and speed to IoT data collection.

In the report, Verdantix highlighted that “the combined Axonize-Planon offering will also provide a strengthened technology portfolio for facilities services firms, facilitating the delivery of demand-based services.” Additionally, Verdantix suggests that real estate and facilities management executives use this report to understand the significance of the Planon acquisition of Axonize, and to inform their own technology roadmaps.

The report further states that a plethora of prospective users will benefit from the acquisition, from service providers looking to digitize their services to facilities management teams, building managers and sensor providers.

Here are some examples of how they will benefit:

  • Users can monitor, maintain & control their assets in a fully self-service manner
  • Facility Managers can significantly reduce their buildings’ energy costs
  • Facilities can become safer, healthier and more secure environments
  • Firms could bring space utilization data into Planon’s work order management system to adjust cleaning or maintenance schedules based on triggers
  • Users can access digital twins that provide them with a real-world view of asset performance and operating condition
  • Facilities services firms and systems integrators will gain new functionality to quickly build their own software applications that draw from IoT data

In this report, readers will also gain insights regarding:

  • Why 40% of the firms surveyed by Verdantix are currently evaluating IoT technology
  • The challenges and solutions for firms looking to set up IoT programs across buildings
  • 10 usage scenarios for IoT deployment in Facilities Management.

A free copy of this insightful Verdantix report on the Planon-Axonize offering can be downloaded here.

About Planon
Planon is the leading global provider of Real Estate and Facility Management software that enables building and service digitalization by integrating the diverse landscape of smart building technology, business solutions and data into one source of truth and turning that into value for building owners, building users, and service providers.

Independent market research and consulting firms have consistently rated Planon as a global leader in the market. Planon has implemented its comprehensive solutions for more than 2,500 clients, supported by offices and partners around the world.

About Axonize
Axonize has developed a no-code IoT platform for smart enterprises that facilitates the connection, monitoring, and control of an unlimited number of devices, data sources and systems across facilities and offices, as well as the analyzing of data streams from multiple devices and sources. Axonize’s architecture is open and can be quickly and easily configured to meet specific customer requirements. The Axonize Smart Enterprise solution is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that provides insights, control and visibility into your spaces and facilities, to easily optimize energy consumption, reduce costs, improve space utilization, and enhance tenant well-being and productivity.

About the Planon-Axonize acquisition
With the acquisition of Axonize, Planon is taking a further step in realizing its ambition of enabling connected buildings at scale. Additionally, the acquisition will help Planon to further strengthen its market leading position in smart building systems.

Axonize’s Internet of Things (IoT) Platform will play a critical role in Planon’s 360-degree building digitization strategy. Axonize complements Planon’s ‘Open Platform’ approach by providing out-of-the-box connections with smart devices and data sources across a plethora of vendors. Moreover, the acquisition supports Planon’s strategic partnership with Schneider Electric and other strategic technology partners, fuelling joint ambitions for the future.

About Verdantix
Verdantix is an independent research and advisory firm with expertise in digital strategies for Environment, Health & Safety, ESG & Sustainability, Operational Excellence and Smart Buildings. Our mission is to anticipate the insights and data that our clients need so you can succeed with growth strategies, invest wisely and optimize performance.

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