Tech Talk with Azure: What’s changed in this new economy for leading Telcos in IoT

Office well-being

As we all know, we are now living in a new economy. The way people live and utilize space has changed. Many people are working from home, or in a hybrid situation. People are now seeking a healthy and safe environment. Plus, they are looking to have experiences rather than just comfort.

How are facilities shifting?

All facility-types are shifting; from offices, to factories to campuses to retail. Enterprises today can benefit by reducing the space needed in the enterprise for example, instead of utilizing 10,000 sq ft of space for 100% capacity, they can utilize only 6,000 sq ft with hot desking. The same holds true for facility parking lots. Another example is reducing cleaning expenses.

As less people come into the workplace, fewer shared areas are being utilized, ie Gyms, restrooms, cafeterias, etc. By moving from fixed cleaning shifts to cleanings that are based on the number of visits, companies can reduce up to 75% of their cleaning staff. Companies are quickly realizing that smart buildings are no longer a nice to have, but rather a must have.

Why Smart Buildings for Telcos?

The Smart Building market is growing at lighting pace. It is anticipated to reach 79 billion USD by 2025, with a growth rate of more than 33.8%.

These are some of the reasons that Axonize has decided to help Telcos focus on smart buildings and smart offices. We already have seen many Telcos become very successful by offering a smart building and smart office end-to-end solution to their customers. One customer in particular has developed a BMA Platform Service, an Integration Platform for Smart Buildings, which includes device management, data storage, simple data analytics & visualization, rules, API, etc, all based on Axonize. Many of their customers in smart building have begun to prototype and deploy, and the Telco has seen great results globally.

Donna Perlstein, VP Marketing at Axonize recently sat down with Onur Ozdemir, Technology Strategist, for Telecommunications and Media Industry at Microsoft Azure for an important talk on challenges encountered by Telcos today to set in place the go-to-market model that brings out the best of their assets and industry relations. Check out the insightful interview here.


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