Planon’s Acquisition Of Axonize Highlights Market Thirst For Smart Building IoT Data Integration

On 7 June 2021, integrated workplace management system (IWMS), Planon Software announced the acquisition of Axonize. For those who are unaware, Axonize specializes in bringing IoT data capture and analytics capabilities to offices and facilities, with a no-code IoT platform that enables easy configuration to customer requirements. Our solution offers out-of-the-box connectivity to smart devices and other data sources, which can be fed into smart building platforms such as Planon’s IWMS.

Verdantix spoke about this acquisition in a recently published blog post in which they stated that “the acquisition will bolster Planon’s ability to collect IoT data from across the built environment, such as data from smart elevators, HVAC, security systems and sensors. This data capture will help customers improve their monitoring of buildings and support new use cases that rely on rich asset data, such as predictive maintenance.  This extends what is possible from Planon’s partnership with Schneider Electric, enabling customers to connect with a wider range of building assets and systems.”

Schneider Electric and Planon have been strategic partners since March 2019, targeting the opportunity to bring granular building IoT data into real estate and facilities workflows. The combined offering enables firms to bring in building data, such as alerts on HVAC faults, into Planon’s platform to trigger pre-defined business rules that automate directed interventions.

According to Verdantix, “this acquisition (with Axonize) signifies a wider trend in the smart buildings market, where IWMS vendors are innovating to enhance their IoT monitoring capability for buildings.”  Verdantix believes that this strategic drive to incorporate IoT data into other building management solutions will lead to similar acquisitions of smaller IoT vendors in the future by larger building solution vendors.

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