Breaking News! Planon opts to acquire Axonize to expand our Hyper-Connected Building offering

NIJMEGEN, NETHERLANDS, June 7, 2021 — Axonize is the Israel-based developer of a market leading cloud-based IoT Platform. With the acquisition of Axonize, Planon is taking a step further in realizing its ambition of enabling connected buildings at scale. Additionally, the acquisition will help to further strengthen its market leading position in smart building systems.

Axonize’s fully integrated Internet of Things (IoT) Platform will play a critical role in Planon’s 360-degree building digitization strategy which includes: asset monitoring, analyzing end-user needs, establishing occupational patterns, and enhancing the ecological footprint of assets and buildings.

Axonize complements Planon’s ‘Open Platform’ approach by providing out-of-the-box connections with smart devices and data sources across a plethora of vendors. Moreover, the acquisition supports the strategic partnership with Schneider Electric, and our joint ambitions for the future.

Axonize’s innovative IoT solution enables simple and fast connectivity by enabling no-code connection capabilities. This allows for high volumes of devices to be connected quickly, providing the scalability required for customers to deploy their IoT use-cases effectively and with increased speed.

The combined services from Planon and Axonize will enable ‘in-building connectivity,’ with the option to connect to all installed devices and various data sources. This approach will simplify the IoT infrastructure, while significantly reducing cost-of-ownership.

Pierre Guelen, CEO of Planon Software states: “The digitization trend around buildings and facility services will be accelerating over the years to come…. With this acquisition, Planon has completed its software capabilities to fully serve customers in their digitization endeavors at the building portfolio level.”

Here you can find the full press release on the Planon website, added on June 7, 2021.

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