Large Japanese Telco uses IoT to help enterprises return to work amid the pandemic

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A large, well-known Japanese telecommunications company decides to go beyond smart cities, and help enterprises return to work amid pandemic.

Their initial project was not to help bring employees back to work, but none of the things that occurred this past year were documented in any of their plans.

Improvising became the name of the game. Therefore, they decided to take their IoT platform for smart city developments and navigate it to something more suitable for their current global status.

The newest update of the smart platform was highlighting its data analytics and application development focus, and by way of this, helping enterprises better manage their workspace and track their employee’s health situation amid the pandemic.

They took the opportunity to expand their client base by offering their roll-your-own platform for collecting IoT data, which is suitable for the bulk of the organizations. The platform that they selected enabled the flexibility to build their own IoT data analytics ingestion. The platform offers them a quick and easy solution and can be used for as few or as many custom use-cases as desired.

By expanding their client base during the pandemic, they were able to open up many more customer doors. Companies that initially used the smart enterprise platform for COVID use-cases can continue with the smart platform deployments into more varied enterprise opportunities over time.

The Japanese telco utilized the pandemic strategically to help expand their offering, and successfully promoted it to their customer and prospect base.

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