How facility managers are “smartifying” their buildings for increased profitability

facility managers are “smartifying” their buildings

While there are many businesses that can experience immediate productivity gains and cost savings from implementing an IoT platform, there is one group that stands out from the rest: Facility Managers. 

What is the Role of a Facility Manager?

Simply stated, Facility Managers manage multiple buildings for various customers, offering a plethora of services. The buildings they manage often each have their own BEMS, BMS, fire, security, elevator, HVAC systems etc., so the job requires a lot of multi-tasking and fierce organization skills.

Their number one priority is meeting the safety and needs of the people who work inside each building, as well as keeping the surrounding environment in a suitable working condition. Facilities Managers are also responsible for managing the office systems, which can often include the IT and office equipment.

Due to the high number of devices Facility Managers are overseeing, they are a perfect fit for working with an IoT platform and benefiting from the many offerings it delivers.

Benefits that IoT Platforms Provide

What if Facility Managers were able to connect all of their building systems with all of the smart building sensors and manage them all from one, centralized location? Imagine the time and effort that would be saved from the implementation of this connection, otherwise known as orchestration.

Ideally, the Facility Manager would have one management console, consisting of dashboards, alerts and rules, which would act on all systems in tandem. Each dashboard would be customizable, along with alerts for individual buildings and teams.

Every item could be localized if they are dispersed around different countries and time zones.

Here’s the good news – it’s not just an idealization, it’s ready and available, now! This orchestration is achievable and easy to implement, in mere days, with Axonize’s disruptive IoT technology.

In an industry where the average application development takes 6-18 months and countless engineering resources, Axonize enables Facility Managers to launch a full IoT project in 6-18 days with minimal engineering resources to create a scalable and repeatable smart building system.

The IoT platform can handle any sensor in any protocol and integrate any system.

Companies often start with a single building, where introducing efficiencies is most critical for customer satisfaction or profitability. They then begin to scale, gradually expanding at their own pace, to any smart building or service they would like to provide their customers. The benefits are felt quickly, at which point buildings and services can all be “smartified,” as profitability grows, leading to positive ROI results.

It’s a win-win situation for Facility Managers and the buildings they run. They are managing more effectively, saving time and efforts all around, and their “smart” buildings are running like clockwork, increasing profits while decreasing expenditures.

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