The 4 keys to starting small and scaling successfully in IoT

Scaling successfully in IoT

Did you know there are 3.5 million search results in Google for the phrase ‘start small and scale in IoT’?

Everyone understands that it’s better to build a small IoT application and expand it gradually. For example, starting with connecting the HVAC system in a smart building, and then adding the keyless entry.

But how do service providers implement this strategy?

A start small and scale strategy requires a few basic capabilities from your IoT platform:

  1. Develop any application in any industry. A retail customer for example, may want to begin with refrigeration, but the next phase could be sending in-store location-based coupons. Scaling even for one customer, requires very high platform flexibility.
  2. Connect any device in any protocol. In a start small scenario, you know where your IoT project is commencing, but you don’t know where it will end. This means that you need to have complete flexibility to enable you to add additional devices going forward and heading into the near future.
  3. Cross-application capabilities. Let’s go back to our smart retailer example. You started with refrigeration monitoring, added shopping cart monitoring and geo-fencing later, followed by in-store ads. If you’re providing a managed service, you don’t want to monitor all these on separate dashboards. Plus, the store manager is definitely going to want clear visibility using one comprehensive dashboard. This means that all your apps need to be easily connected and managed, including cross-usage of the  data.  
  4. Move fast. If it is taking you 6 months to launch phase I, the customer will have a hard time reaching to a positive ROI. You’ll simply be moving too slow to make IoT a profitable business line. Starting small only works if it happens fast.

We’ve created a guide for service providers, including challenges, roadblocks, and best practices for creating profitable and scalable IoT services.

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