Axonize launches partnership with Singtel and enters the Asian and Australian markets

What does business development in Asia look like?

We just spent a week in Singapore, kicking off our new partnerships with Singtel and Optus.

The goal was to get their IoT team members ready to provide managed IoT-applications-as-a-service in their respective markets. We spent a few days, as we do with all our new partners, running two parallel training tracks for business and technical teams.

On the business side, we started off by learning about the state of the IoT market in Asia. We were introduced to several customers, got to hear about their pains, and especially how difficult it is to scale an IoT implementation.

We then dove into the unique Axonize capabilities that could help them solve customer pains, fast, by going through successful IoT project cases. We also spent some time covering our quick-start IoT bundles. The bundles are detailed guides to specific IoT applications including the business case, recommended sensors, connectivity needed, hosting, 3rd party integrations and estimated implementation time. These help the sales teams jump start IoT application sales by offering complete packages based on the unique needs of the customer.

On the tech side, we like to teach by doing with real IoT projects. It took us less than an hour to connect a head-count sensor, and less than a day to set up a full-featured application, including business logic and dashboards.

One of the lessons we took home was that all IoT markets face similar challenges such as; replacing human monitoring with more comprehensive 24/7 sensors that come with real-time alerts, gaining visibility into industrial processes, and improving efficiencies based on new data. And of course, all markets are sensitive to ROI, and are willing to invest when the returns are positive. In that respect, Axonize’s pay-as-you-go pricing model helps realize profitable IoT investments.

We really enjoyed Singapore and hope to visit our new friends again soon!

Axonize’s disruptive architecture was purposely designed to enable deployment of complete and fully customized solutions across all applications and device types in mere days.

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