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Remote health monitoring
It seems that everywhere you look these days, there is only one topic dominating the conversion – the Coronavirus. As we try to glance beyond the panick...
IoT Automation
IoT Technology

8 ways smart technology is reshaping the hotel industry

These days, many chain and luxury hotels share a common vision of delivering a hospitality experience that’s more personalized and smarter about anti…

IoT Platform

Everything you need to know about occupancy in Smart Buildings

Physical space is a hot commodity. This statement rings especially true in the workplace, where the workforce and the way it operates continue to evolv…

IoT Platform Comparison
IoT Platform

Must haves for a successful IoT Platform: simplifying the necessary elements for succes

To help simplify the absolute must haves for a successful IoT platform, we went ahead and listed the top things here, along with an explanation of why ea…

Smart Buildings in Action
IoT Technology

Announcing Verdantix report ‘Planon accelerates its Smart Building IoT strategy with Axonize’

Verdantix research report states: ‘With the combined Planon-Axonize offering existing customers and other facilities services firms will benefit from enhan…

IoT Automation

Axonize voted key player in the Global Smart Hospital Market

Absolute Markets Insights proclaims a new addition of an informative report, entitled ‘Smart Hospital market’. This report sheds light on the existing sc…

IoT Platform

Planon’s Acquisition Of Axonize Highlights Market Thirst For Smart Building IoT Data Integration

On 7 June 2021, integrated workplace management system (IWMS), Planon Software announced the acquisition of Axonize. For those who are unaware, Axonize s…

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