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“Fed up, we started to
realize that something
had to change, fast.”

Janiv Ratson, CEO, Axonize

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The Axonize Story

Axonize was founded in 2015 by CEO, Janiv Ratson and a team of three fed-up IoT platform experts, who had already connected over 25 million devices to platforms they had developed. Starting their journey in 2003, the four founders realized that although most of the platforms were essentially the same, they were re-developing the same server repeatedly for each of their customers.

They decided to build something different – a single smart enterprise platform that could handle all business types, verticals, and sensors. But even more importantly, the idea was to create a secure, no-code platform for smart enterprises with dramatically greater speed and fewer resources to enable scalability and rapid time to value.

And Axonize was born.

Recently Axonize was acquired by Planon, global leader in digital workplace and smart building solutions. Axonize provides Planon’s customers with enhanced IoT connectivity for buildings, by bringing greater scalability and speed to IoT data collection.

We look forward to this next step in our journey, and are confident that with this acquisition, the growth of digital transformation in smart enterprises will be exponential. It will provide clients with safer, less costly, more productive, and significantly optimized businesses. The Planon-Axonize smart enterprise solution is not just a platform, but a way to successfully grow your smart business.

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