The smarter way to realize smart business potential

A no-code smart building platform that
has cracked the code in profitability.
Axonize is now a Planon company!
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Built for Smart
Buildings in a New Era

Smart building and workplace platform with a shift in thinking
Axonize's no-code platform is purpose-built for facility managers and employers interested in transforming their spaces into smart spaces. Axonize provides an end-to-end solution to address the top challenges faced by companies from space utilization and workplace occupancy to energy efficiency and everything in between. The solution is uniquely designed to manage the wide array of software, devices and sensors needed to make spaces safer, sustainable and more efficient.
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Reduce complexity
& time to market

Unprecedented speed, simplicity & scalability
Start with one use case, office or building, and scale your projects as quickly as needed, on an unlimited number of devices, protocols and systems. Benefit from fast prototyping and virtual devices, enabling you to implement your projects in hours. Start seeing returns quickly on smaller projects, and easily scale to larger ones, pre-investment. Monitor and orchestrate all use cases and projects, across all of your systems, in just one dashboard.
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Reduce complexity
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Cutting-Edge Technology

A disruptive IoT solution unlike any other
Based on 5 key technologies, Axonize is uniquely designed to transform buildings, offices, retail, cities, and others into smart spaces. We provide customers with a no-code, end-to-end solution to manage the wide array of legacy and new software, devices, and sensors necessary to launch smart and safe projects quickly. Complete with our off-the-shelf Any App and orchestration layers, our disruptive technology fits all applications and any vertical imaginable.
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the Axonize DNA
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Made from a unique

Created by IoT visionaries who've connected 25+ million devices
Our technology is built with service providers and facility managers in mind, by IoT leaders with decades of experience connecting 25+ million devices. We stepped out to formulate a new course of action with Axonize to enable customers to deploy any, or all of the hundreds of use cases in a building or infrastructure easily, with drag and drop functionality, and to manage their entire portfolio of buildings, new or legacy in one place.
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Dr. Ingo Hofaker | Senior VP Internet of Things, T-Systems, Digital Division
"We chose to partner with Axonize to grow our IoT business faster."
Dr. Ingo Hofaker | Senior VP Internet of Things, T-Systems, Digital Division
Charlie Sukkar | Director of Emerging Technologies, Optus Business/Singtel
"Finding a company that always challenges the status-quo, is bold, courageous and has a strong appetite to create change was really important to us. We strongly believe in partnering with a startup with the right value set, and our decision to partner with Axonize was based on all these qualities and more."
Charlie Sukkar | Director of Emerging Technologies, Optus Business/Singtel
Christian Nowak | Business Area Manager Industry 4.0, MEGLA GmbH
"Time is money. The ability to scale, very quickly and time efficiently is what it’s all about. Axonize unleashes your data so you can achieve your goals very quickly."
Christian Nowak | Business Area Manager Industry 4.0, MEGLA GmbH
David Riallant | Business Developer, Groupe Tera
"It is not our job to develop IoT platforms. It’s our job to make high-quality sensors, leading to happy clients. And we need this platform to help create our high-quality products and happy clients."
David Riallant | Business Developer, Groupe Tera
Yossi Zigmon | Head of Marketing Division, Bezeq
"We needed to respond fast and scale to thousands of potential customers. We couldn’t afford to spend months on each project, which is the typical development time with other platforms. After careful consideration, we selected Axonize."
Yossi Zigmon | Head of Marketing Division, Bezeq
Charlie Sukkar | Director of Emerging Technologies, Optus Business/Singtel
"We’re embarking on unchartered territories. There’s no textbook on this. We’re building new business models by disrupting very traditional ones in an industry that has not changed in over 30 years."
Charlie Sukkar | Director of Emerging Technologies, Optus Business/Singtel
"Axonize’s IoT platform offers all the functionality to govern and safely secure our devices in order to provide outcome-driven solutions for our customers"
Sam Lavers | IoT Lead in Global Operations
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"We selected Axonize due to its flexibility, as well as it's openness and simplicity, enabling us to integrate the different Light Management Systems from Tridonic and consolidate them into different applications that adapt to the specific needs of our various customer types."
Luis Javier Carracedo Cordovilla | Head of Business Innovation at Tridonic Business Foundry
Kevin Yeun
"We looked at other IoT platforms in the market, but there is no platform that is a more comprehensive offering than Axonize, from a cost, maintenance and man power needed perspective, Axonize is the sure winner. "
Kevin Yeun | Product Manager, CLP Innovations Lab
The Axonize Platform on a laptop


Connect. Configure.
Analyze. Scale. It’s that easy.

Connect smart enterprises, with our cloud-based, no-code platform. Using Microsoft Azure, Axonize enables you to securely connect, monitor and scale an unlimited number of projects and business types easily and quickly without having to write a single line of code. Analyze and optimize data from multiple devices and sources, across all buildings and tenants in one dashboard. Benefit from a safer, cost-effective and more sustainable building or infrastructure.


There's a way, and there's a better way
Compare slider image - the Axonize way

A cutting-edge, no-code platform based
on 5 disruptive technologies,
the Axonize solution was
purposely created for service
providers and end-users,
across all verticals and business types, to scale and profit quickly from their IoT businesses.

The Axonize way

Compare slider image - the other way

The other way

Existing IoT platforms can be
expensive, complex, and lengthy. It
often takes a whole team of
developers to develop code for
each IoT business. This makes
scaling and profiting from
projects very difficult, if
not impossible.

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